prefabricated steel building

You might have often heard terms like “pre-fab building”, “pre-engineered building”, and “modular building”. But what do they actually mean? A Pre-engineered steel building is basically a building that is made up of steel. Just as the name “Pre-engineered” suggests, these buildings are engineered at a factory and are assembled at site. Built-up sections are produced at the factory and is then transported to the original site and assembled. This concept is generally used to build Metro stations, industrial units, warehouses, etc.

Although, PEB system is extensively used today at various industrial and commercial units, but it is still relatively fresh concept in India . This concept was introduced in the Indian market towards the end of the 20th century, with the globalisation of our economy and a number of multinational companies coming into India and setting up their projects here. Today, India is a global player in this segment and has many globally renowned PEB companies like:

  • Kirby Building Solutions India Limited– Established in 1976 with their office in Andhra Pradesh offering services in Pre-engineered building. Kirby solutions is one of the most reputed PEB companies in India and have built over 65000 buildings in the country.
  • Zamil Steel Buildings India Private Limited– Zamil is originally a multinational company having its roots in Saudi Arabia. The company started operating in India in 2006.
  • Tata BlueScope Steel Limited– Established in 2005, the company has its main office in Pune. They offer high quality services to their customers.
  • Lloyd Insulations India Limited– With having its office in Mumbai, the company was established in 1958. They are into the business of industrial insulation and PEB. With over 54 years of experience in this field, they are one of the leading PEB companies in India.
  • Jindal Buildsys Limited– Being established in 2002, their office is located in Gurgaon. In recent years, they have worked upon some major projects in the nation.

Where are Prefabricated Steel Buildings used?

The main purpose of prefabricated steel buildings is that they provide customers with reliable and affordable method of building. These are built at factories and are then assembled at site. PEB structures are a cost-effective alternative to conventional buildings. Some of the popular applications of PEB structures are:

  • In most countries of the world, a large percentage of construction work is still non-traditional. So one can see PEB structures at various commercial and industrial units.
  • Factories– Several factories have basic needs which includes various safety measures, durability and effective use of space. Hence, metal buildings have proved to be quite strong and effective as factory structures.
  • Warehouses and distribution centres– It is completely true for warehouses, storage spaces and logistics centre. A simple steel structural framework with roofing and cladding matches upto their needs.
  • Metro stations– PEB structures are also used in the construction of metro stations as well.
    Factory sheds- As PEB structures are made of steel, it is resistant to fire and hazardous chemicals. Hence, they are used to make factory sheds.
  • Aviation industry– Steel buildings are preferred particularly in the aviation industry as steel is more resistant to vibration.

What are the Advantages of opting for a PEB structure?

  • Quality Control– is the major advantage of PEB, as all the structures are pre-designed before, standards of different codes are given due importance as well. These components are manufactured in the factory itself, hence quality is assured.
  • Lower cost– PEB structures helps in lowering the cost of designing, manufacturing and on-site erection cost.
  • Low maintenance– PEB buildings end up in lowering the maintenance cost as compared to conventional steel buildings due to the use of standardised quality of paint over steel members, which raises its ability to withstand weather related factors.
  • Quick erection– One of the major advantages of Prefabricated Steel Buildings, is that it helps in quick erection of the structures as all the members are pre-engineered and pre-skilled.
  • Warranty of PEB– Usually PEB manufacturers give upto 20 years warranty.
  • Flexible– It is easier to expand or change a PEB structure than a conventional structure. There is no need to demolish a PEB structure, just by adding few PEB sheets, desired length and breadth to agree with your architectural plans.
  • Eco friendly– When a concrete structure is demolished, its components lose their usability and end up in landfills, thus creating environmental pollution. PEB structures on the other hand are 90% recyclable, and when this steel structures are dismantled they can be used for other purposes as well.

Various components required for Prefabricated Steel Building:

If you are considering to purchase a prefabricated steel building you might be wondering about the various components required for such building. Here, we list down the various elements required for Prefabricated Steel buildings:

  • Primary framing elements – Primary framing of a PEB company is essentially an assembly of the built-in set up.
  • Secondary Structural Elements – Girts, Purlins and Eave Struts are elements of the building’s secondary structure. Girts are put on the primary frame columns or walls, to provide the much needed stability to the primary frame columns of the structure. Purlins are the cold formed members, which come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Wall and Roof panels– Sheeting, steel panels, tin shades, etc, are attached to the purlins and girts of the PEB structure, to cover up the space.
  • Door and window framing– The openings in your building require framing to seal out moisture and to further maintain the interior environment, hence door and window framing is extremely important.
  • Fastener– Fasteners are needed to fasten every frame and panels of the prefabricated building. Though, fasteners seem to be insignificant, they are of extreme importance because the whole PEB structure is depended on how well the entire structure is held together.
  • Crane system– Crane system in industrial and commercial building helps in improving the material handling productivity by allowing more utilization of space.
  • Sheeting and Insulation– The metal sheets are normally galvanized with permanent colours. These sheets are coated with special paints which has anti-corrosion properties. prefabricated steel buildings are properly insulated by using insulation rolls or slabs, then the roofing steel sheet is fixed over it.

Why screws are the most essential component of PEB?

Nuts and Bolts are often considered to be an insignificant part of the building, but this little part makes a big difference. Nuts and Bolts are the primary tools used to hold together the pieces of PEB construction together. There are numerous kinds of nuts and bolts available in the market for construction purposes, and they play a significant role in the PEB companies and industries. If you look into it, it is not wrong to say that without screws, there wouldn’t be any PEB structures, or any other construction for that matter. Fasteners are used everywhere to hold the objects together and intact, be it wood, steel, metal or even plastic. Thus, screws are essentially important to hold the whole premise of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings together.

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