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PEB: The future of the building industry

Designed by a ‘pre-engineered building’ (PEB) supplier or PEB manufacturers, a pre-engineered building is constructed using premium quality raw materials available from all sources and manufacturing methods. The operational system in a PEB encompasses rigid frames that are made of plate steel and cold-formed into an ‘I-shape’ through the manufacturing process. Roof Beams and columns are fields bolted together in these rigid frames. Spaced at intervals of 15 inches and 60 inches, these frames can span column-free up to 300 inches across a building.

The concept of pre-engineered buildings originated in the U.S. in the 1960s. Almost 70% of the buildings in the U.S. are pre-engineered. In layman terms, a pre-engineered building company basically produces a kit for industrial structures such as storage spaces, garages, PEB sheds etc. A pre-engineered building manufacturer’s task is to supply the un-assembled structure to be assembled on site.

The PEB is a budding industry in India. Adopting PEB technology in India is challenging, precisely because of the trust in the traditional methods used for construction. However, PEB companies in India have started to educate the Indian masses about its advantages in comparison to the conventional methods of building construction and introduction of various types of Roofing Screws. There are mostly three types of industry players in the Indian market:

  • PEB Manufacturers
  • PEB Companies
  • PEB Consultants

Classifications of Pre-Engineered buildings

  • Primary system: In this system, parallel columns and rafters are used. The base column is either pinned basis the load requirement or is fixed.
  • Secondary system: As per this system, flange stiffeners join the loose flanges of the primary system to the secondary system. The secondary system primarily comprises of purlins and grits.
  • Wind bracing system: This system is categorised into two-rod bracing and portal system. Based on the design and functional requirement, each of these is chosen.

Significant Advantages of PEB

  • Construction time: A pre-engineered building is engineered in advance and is standardised. This cuts down the construction time by 40%. Also, the customised software that is used for designing and detailing increases the pace of the projects. Multi-torches, automatic welding, roll forming etc. are used to boost the speed of work. With the use of such sophisticated and advanced machinery, buildings are efficaciously delivered within a few weeks, post-approval of the drawings. Once the pre-engineered buildings are transported from the plant, they are assembled at the site easily and at a faster pace, thus speeding up the project completion.
  • Cost Incurred: The cost of production in designing, manufacturing and site erection is very cost-effective.
  • Expansion: Adding additional bays expands the building in length easily. Pre-designing aids with expansion in width and height for the future.
  • Spans: Supplying 100-200M clear span can be done conveniently.
  • Control: Be assured of the highest quality product as the buildings are manufactured in the factory under strict supervision and control.
  • Maintenance: The premium quality paint system is used for cladding, thus ensuring better durability, diminishing the maintenance cost. PEB involves easy construction and renovating too. Also, the building can be easily pulled apart and repositioned based on the requirement.
  • Roofs and walls: Polyurethane insulated panels or fiberglass blanket insulation is used in the building in order to get ‘U’ values. PEBs are protected from sound and heat too.
  • Resistance: Pre-engineered buildings weigh lighter and can effectively resist earthquake and wind pressure.

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