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BDN Fasteners, 100% Made in Taiwan

BDN Fasteners has a decade long expertise in the trade of selling construction fasteners. BDN Fasteners are proudly 100% made in Taiwan. With our dedicated services coupled with unique packaging, BDN Fasteners successfully set its base in the Indian market in July 2018. Our manufacturing system is ISO9001-2015 certified.

The automobile sector, construction sites, and product manufacturing units necessarily require fastening devices such as nuts, bolts, and screws as tools of manufacturing. Therefore, we aim to provide our customers with the latest and best quality products at competitive prices. BDN’s roofing and cladding screws primarily offer a full range of Australian AS3566 Standard, Self-Drilling, Self Tapping, Type-17 Timber Screws with DKES Blue Line Weatherseal Washers and Hex Washer Flange Heads.

What are Fasteners?

It is interesting how fasteners are essential instruments in affixing objects, yet are the least discussed instruments. They are used to create joints that can be dismantled without disrupting the objects that are being joined. The common types of fasteners that are widely used are enlisted below:

  • Nails: In order to put wood together, nails are the easiest instrument.
  • Screws: Screws are known to have more holding power than nails and can be easily fastened or removed.
  • Bolts: Bolts require nuts and washers as anchors and help in creating a strong bond.
  • Clamps: They are used to hold things together for shorter periods of time.
  • Glues: In order to attach two objects chemically, adhesives are the best solution. They can either bond on their own or assist another kind of fastener.

Fast and Stable Drilling Performance

Stringent, In-house Quality Control

Competitive price

Why to choose BDN Fastners?

  • Fast and stable drilling performance: Amongst all the manufacturing services, being a screw manufacturer, BDN Fasteners ensures improved drilling performance that gives not only a faster but also a more stable drilling experience comparatively, taking the quality of our service to the next level.
  • Stringent, in-house quality control: Precision is the key mantra for any nut-bolt manufacturer. We believe in closely inspecting the quality of our products before they are sent out.
  • Competitive price: We believe in offering our customers with the best possible price of each of our products after a thorough market research.
    Unique packaging: Screws come in different sizes and shapes. Being a screw manufacturer, it becomes mandatory to pack them carefully. We at BDN Fasteners specialize in our unique packaging design.
  • Quality sourcing: Having gained experience from the steel business, we are able to source the best and most suitable wires for our fasteners’ production.

With expertise and experience gained from the steel business,
we are able to source the best and most suitable wires for our fasteners production.

BDN Fasteners – your strong fastening partner.


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