Roofing Screws

Roofing screws

What are roofing screws?

In order to attach two or more objects together, a fastener is used; specially to create temporary joints. Screws are a type of fastener that is used in fastening objects by drilling into the material.

Made of hardened carbon steel or stainless steel, roofing screws or roof fasteners can be used for metal, plastic and fibreglass roofing applications. However, both metal and wood structures require different screw points. In order to stop water from penetrating, the roofing screw are required to have a sealing washer attached to it.

Roofing sheet screws generally last for almost twenty years provided there is no damage caused by the roof panel and self tapping screws movement.

Characteristics of roofing screws:

  • These types of screws are made of hardened carbon steel and can hold the roofing sheets firmly.
  • Water penetration is sealed with the sealing washers.
  • Roofing screw comes with corrosion coating.
  • Commonly with corrosion coating.
  • Primarily, there are two kinds of points in roofing screw- drill points to secure the metal structure and sharp points for the wooden structures.
  • For different applications, different colours of paint are used.
  • They offer a longer durability.

How to install roofing screw?

  • Start by choosing the correct size of the screw.
  • Pick the screwdriver in the correct size to fasten the screws into the drill.
  • Place the roofing sheet in the required position.
  • Install the roofing screw on the top, allowing water flows down the roof.
  • Start drilling the roofing sheet along with the base material.

Ideal size of roofing screw:

Widely used as a home roofing option, metal roofs are known for its durability and low maintenance. It is essential to get the roofing sheet screws in the correct size to ensure that the roof is held properly. Also, it is important to check for water leakages while installing a roof. Roofing fasteners manufacturers make the screws in different sizes, it is important to understand the significance of these different sizes:

  • 1-inch Screws- These screws give the accurate distances for metal roof paneling and have only ¾-inch penetration. Since the panelling should ideally end two-three inches below the vented ridge of the home, the 1-inch screws proves to be the perfect choice.
  • 1 1/2-inch Screws- Considered to be the standard size, these crews are used for metal roofing project and can penetrate up to 1 1/4 inches. It helps in holding the roof inflexibly.
    5/16-inch Screws- These screws are used specifically to prevent larger screws from overlapping.
  • 1/4-inch Screws- Used to affix the trim of a metal roof at two-foot increments.