Tek Screws

Tek Screws

Tek screws are self-drilling screws that allow you to tackle fixing tasks quickly. Commonly used in the electrical and roofing industry, these screws have a drill bit that does not require a separate pilot hole to be drilled before inserting the screw.

Characteristics of Tek Screws

There are a variety of Tek screws available in the market. TEK screws are self-tapping and self-drilling. This means you don’t have to drill in advance because you have a drill bit with a small carving piece. They are widely used as metal roof bolts for HVAC piping, solar panels, electricity, and even metal-to-metal applications. Tek screws for metals have changed the standard of screw value. They look very normal, but they are still useful at construction sites. The term TEK screw has its name.

Difference Between Normal Screws and Tek Screws?

Tek screws are primarily a brand name, but self-drills represent it well. These screws act as both drill bits and fasteners. Self-Drilling screws have drill ends, so there is no need to pre-drill. They worked very well to bond pieces of metal together and were designed for that reason. 

Some customers use it to attach car skeletons and sheet Metal applications. When you can use these guys, make some holes in the sheet metal why you would wear the drill. Also, the types and uses of sheet metal screws differ greatly. 

The self-tapping screw has its thread, so a pilot hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw is required. The purpose is to drill a Pilot hole in wood or other soft material. Then screw in the sheet metal screw, and the screw thread will bite into the material and lock it in place. 

Self-tapping screws are ideal for all materials, including wood, metal, and brick. Self-tapping screws can be threaded on hard surfaces by making a small notch in the screw, like a tap. Not all sheet metal screws have sharp tips. Some are dull or flat. 

The self-drilling screw eliminates prior drilling and can also cut threads. Self-tapping screws drill their threads, but they cannot drill through metal and must be drilled in advance. These screws are incompatible and confusing. The two can cause many headaches and potential field failures. 

What else is a self-tapping sheet metal screw? Self-tapping screws are often used to secure the aluminum to other surfaces. Self-tapping screws are also sometimes referred to as self-Tapping screws. This usually means a sheet metal screw with a hex head. As the name implies, they are often used in sheet metal for sharp, self-tapping points.

Different Types of Tek Screws

TEK screws also are outstanding with the aid of using the head type. There are common kinds of TEK screw heads: 

Hex washing machine head: Features an integrated washing machine to distribute weights and masses over an extensive place. This fashion is right for roofing tasks and different heavy-responsibility programs.

Modified truss: Features an oversize dome head and a flange to create a bigger place beneath the pinnacle for an extra bearing surface.

Other than that, all different heads on self-drilling screws normally have a Phillips power, which facilitates riding the screw straight. The rectangular power is increasingly more desired because the bit is much less in all likelihood to slide at the same time as riding. Pan-head TEK screws are best for light-responsibility programs. Another common form of screw is the flathead screw used while you want a flush surface. 

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