Steel House Framing Fasteners

Steel House Framing Fasteners manufactured by BDN Fasteners are used to secure roofs, walls, and accessories made of steel strips and sheets. There has long been a problem when exposed to the atmosphere in environments ranging from harmless to severe in terms of corrosive action. Thus, high-quality Roofing sheets are now becoming the need of today. However, sheet alone is not responsible for durability; screws and fasteners also play a crucial role.

Steel Structure Screw for Roof Fixing

The screw for roof fixing has countless advantages such as durability, wind resistance, fire resistance, and energy efficiency. However, if you are installing a metal roof, you need to make sure that you have the correct screws to secure the sheet metal effectively. High-quality metal fasteners are required when installing any of the following metal roofs:

  • Metal roofs for residential and commercial spaces 
  • Post-and-beam or a prefabricated steel building for horseback riding, livestock, or product storage 
  • Garage for RVs, boats, or farm equipment 

High-quality fasteners, commonly known for metal construction, help customers benefit from the products we offer and ensure that your work continues. You can use the highest quality sheet metal and building materials available. However, if you use the wrong screws or fasteners, your work will not reach the standard and may not last as long as recommended or guaranteed.

Characteristics of Steel Structure Screw and fasteners

Metal roofing screws are high-strength screws and are also a type of standard part. Steel structure, excellent fastening performance used in engineering, and therefore tightening effect. There are different grade screw requirements for general steel structures and steel structures, all of which are high-strength steel structure screws. It may not be necessary to galvanize Steel framed screws. It’s okay to use natural colors.

Difference Between Normal Fasteners and Steel House Framing Fasteners?

You must use the drive system to install the screws. To attach the screws to the workpiece, you must use the drive system to push the screws into the workpiece. The thread drive system usually consists of ribs on the thread head.

Its corrosion resistance does not lose elasticity when scratched during installation or use. Steel fasteners, the most common fastener material, can be plain or have a variety of surface treatments such as galvanized, electroplated, and chrome plated.

Different Types of Steel House Framing Fasteners

The choice of the right Frame screw depends on what the fastener is attached to during installation. Most residential roofs have a plywood base. Commercial or agricultural work can also be attached to wood, but it is common to attach screws to light metal purlins or heavy steel beams.

Roof screw metal onto wood

The most common type of metal roof fasteners is metal-to-wood roof screws. Fastener manufacturers typically report pull-out strengths for different types of wood, as not all wood is made the same. This will help you decide which fasteners are right for your project.

Metallic roof screws

Several types of screws can be used when attaching to metal or steel. The correct screw depends on the application and the thickness of the steel.

Types of inter-metal roof screws

Screws that secure the side tabs of the metal panel or screws that secure the molding and surroundings. Screws attached to light metals such as metal purlins. Bolts attached to heavy steel beams, section steel, or steel pipes.

Decorative screws

The type of decorative screw you use depends on your panel and whether you are exposed to the element. If the screws are not exposed to the element, you can use pan head screws without sealing washers. A rubber washer should be included if the element has exposed decorative screws.

Cymbal Screw

The threaded pattern on the exposed mounting plate requires overlapping screws to secure the overlap on the plate side. Overlapping screws are commonly referred to as needle screws. These screws are usually mounted 12 “to 24” in the center of the panel wrap.

Metal to Light Gauge Metal Screws

This type of screw can be used for metal roofs and siding. For metal roofs, the most common use is for fixing metal purlins. This type of screw is used when the metal purlin is 14 or 16 gauge thick. For metal cladding, it is an attachment to a metal stud.

Metal on Chic Steel Screw

This type of screw is used when the steel is thicker than 3/4 “. The thicker the steel, the more difficult it is to attach it directly to the steel.

Why Choose BDN Fasteners?

BDN Fasteners is one of the leading manufacturers of Roofing screws. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who continually work to enhance the quality of our final products, thus, leading to maximum customer satisfaction. You can contact our team today for further details.