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Fascinated by breath taking infrastructures?

Wondering about the different construction tools used in building establishments? Come and be part of the biggest construction expo, Philconstruct 2018 running from January 6-9, 2018!

After having successful construction expos in the past years, Philconstruct will once again be owning the spotlight as it holds another series of expos through PhilConstruct 2018. This is a 4-day event that will showcase various construction equipment, exhibit on different building materials, and conduct a forum on the advancements of technology in the construction industry.

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types of fasteners

Fasteners are basic tools that are used to join two objects together. They are used in almost all industrial scenarios and their use isn’t limited to a single product. You can find screws and bolts being used in numerous manufactured goods. A single glance around your work desk will give you an idea of how […]

fasteners v/s nails

Fasteners Vs. Nails Nails and fasteners are the oldest fastening technology which gets the job done pretty well to this date. But the real question is how to decide which one to use for any given project? This question was easily answerable just a few decades back, but now with the rapid growth of industrialisation […]

Difference between Self-Drilling Screws & Self Tapping Screws

Introduction To the untrained eyes, it often looks like big machines, lumber, pillars and framework are the most important part of a construction project. But people working in such industries understand that without fasteners holding everything together, there would be no construction projects, neither would there be any machines. The construction industry is wholly dependent […]