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Fascinated by breath taking infrastructures?

Wondering about the different construction tools used in building establishments? Come and be part of the biggest construction expo, Philconstruct 2018 running from January 6-9, 2018!

After having successful construction expos in the past years, Philconstruct will once again be owning the spotlight as it holds another series of expos through PhilConstruct 2018. This is a 4-day event that will showcase various construction equipment, exhibit on different building materials, and conduct a forum on the advancements of technology in the construction industry.

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fasteners coating on roofing screws

What is Fasteners coating? Fasteners and metal screws of High tensile class 12.9 are usually furnished unplated with an oil moistened finish, where the triumphant majority of lower tensile fasteners are coated; this includes Metric class 8.8, USA grade 5, and lower grade/class. Large qualities of fasteners are coated by the manufacturer in their factory […]

Complete Guide on Metal Roofing screws & How to use them

What are Roofing screws and their types? To connect two or more objects, a fastener is used, especially to make temporary joints. Screws are a kind of fastener that is utilized in fastening objects by drilling into the fabric. Made of hardened steel or chrome steel, roofing screws or roof fasteners are often used for […]


The word “fasteners” is not new during this universe. Maximum conversants are in the most effective use of it. They are mechanical objects made of high-grade materials like Steel, Brass, Steel, chrome steel, Plastic, and Aluminium. Many of us used fasteners, but maximum does not seem to be using fasteners and self drilling screws better […]