Light Gauge Steel Structure Screws

Light Gauge Steel Structure Screws

In principle, Light Gauge Steel Structure Screws are very similar to the structure of a wooden frame, with the wooden frame elements replaced by a thin steel profile. The steel profile used here is called the cold profile. That is, the profile is remolded or molded at room temperature.

This is in contrast to the thicker hot-rolled sections formed while the steel is hot-melting. Cold-formed steel is formed by passing a thin steel plate through a series of rollers, the shape of each roller changing very slightly, and finally, the flat steel plate is converted into a C-shaped or S-shaped cross-section.

The steel used in Light steel framing is coated with zinc (called galvanized) or a zinc-aluminum mixture (zinc aluminum or galvalume) to protect the same from corrosion. The thickness of this particular coating varies to make it adaptable to changing environments. The marine environment usually requires the most protection and the least dry, dry areas.

Characteristics of Light Gauge Steel Structure Screws

The Best metal roofing screw has many advantages as the lightweight wooden frame structure.

  • Lightweight and quick to build without heavy tools and equipment. 
  • Since steel is strong, the LGS structure is lighter than the crate structure of the same strength. 
  • Compared to the wooden frame structure, its strength is higher, so the distance between the elements is longer. For LGS, it is about 24 “(600 mm). Approximately 16 “or 20” (400 or 500 mm) for wood. 
  • The fewer members you have, the shorter the construction time. 
  • It can shape itself into any shape and be covered and insulated with various materials. This design can be easily modified or modified at any point in its life. 
  • There are various systems and products in this type of structure. 
  • Lightweight steel structures do not rot, shrink, warp, or decompose like wooden structures and can be used in areas where termite epidemics are likely. 
  • Light steel structures are fireproof, a legal requirement for some structures. Steel tends to lose strength in a fire and should be protected from fire with a fire protection sheet.

Why Choose Light Gauge Steel Structure Screws?

  • Constructability. Prefabs and pre-assembled steel structure screw for roof fixing reduce fieldwork, material loss and improve construction quality. 
  • Speed. ​​Reduces construction time compared to traditional construction systems. 
  • Safety. Steel’s strength and non-combustibility allow construction to withstand catastrophic events like fires, earthquakes, and cyclones. They are also designed for higher seismic and wind loads. 
  • Strong but Light. Light steel framing is one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any construction material. This property saves foundation reinforcement, is lightweight and easy to handle in the field. 
  • Quality. Buildings constructed are higher quality, more durable, and require less maintenance. 
  • Easy to modify. The non-bearing wall is easy to move, remove and replace, making it easy to modify. 
  • Structural. Flexibility Steel strength allows for larger spans, and lighter weight increases space utilization. 
  • Recyclable. All Light steel frame construction components are recyclable
  • Highly resistant. Steel Frame Structure is highly resistant to sound, fire, and water. 
  • Better insulation properties and no termite issues.