Ideal Fasteners for Industrial Shed

One of the most challenging tasks in factories, warehouses, and godowns is making space for product manufacturing and storing raw materials. You need a structural shed popularly known as an industrial shed for that purpose. This article will guide you through industrial sheds’ features and ideal fasteners. What is Industrial Shed?   Industrial sheds are […]

Ideal Fasteners For Solar Panel Installations

Simply put, solar panels are a combination of multiple interconnected solar cells. Solar panels absorb the sunlight and allow photons (light particles) to pass through to release electrons from atoms. The entire process takes place in a small solar cell unit, which creates a flow of heat and electricity. There are many ways to install […]

What Are the Different Types of Screws Available in the Market?

Introduction Have you ever wondered how many types of screw head types are available in the market? This blog will help you understand the different types of screws and why we have a different screw for everything. Types of Screws There are different types of screws that serve different purposes individually. Let us discuss a […]

Top 5 Fasteners Coating & What are they used for?

What is Fasteners coating? Fasteners and metal screws of High tensile class 12.9 are usually furnished unplated with an oil moistened finish, where the triumphant majority of lower tensile fasteners are coated; this includes Metric class 8.8, USA grade 5, and lower grade/class. Large qualities of fasteners are coated by the manufacturer in their factory […]

Complete Guide on Metal Roofing screws & How to use them

What are Roofing screws and their types? To connect two or more objects, a fastener is used, especially to make temporary joints. Screws are a kind of fastener that is utilized in fastening objects by drilling into the fabric. Made of hardened steel or chrome steel, roofing screws or roof fasteners are often used for […]

Top 6 Common Mistakes To Avoid With Fasteners

The word “fasteners” is not new during this universe. Maximum conversants are in the most effective use of it. They are mechanical objects made of high-grade materials like Steel, Brass, Steel, chrome steel, Plastic, and Aluminium. Many of us used fasteners, but maximum does not seem to be using fasteners and self drilling screws better […]

What are fasteners and what are the various types of fasteners to look for?

Fasteners are basic tools that are used to join two objects together. They are used in almost all industrial scenarios and their use isn’t limited to a single product. You can find screws and bolts being used in numerous manufactured goods. A single glance around your work desk will give you an idea of how […]

Fasteners V/S.Nails Which to select for the longevity of your Metal Roofing Sheets?

  Fasteners Vs. Nails Nails and fasteners are the oldest fastening technology which gets the job done pretty well to this date. But the real question is how to decide which one to use for any given project? This question was easily answerable just a few decades back, but now with the rapid growth of […]

Difference between Self-Drilling Screws & Self Tapping Screws

Introduction To the untrained eyes, it often looks like big machines, lumber, pillars and framework are the most important part of a construction project. But people working in such industries understand that without fasteners holding everything together, there would be no construction projects, neither would there be any machines. The construction industry is wholly dependent […]

What are the basic components of Prefabricated Steel Buildings

You might have often heard terms like “pre-fab building”, “pre-engineered building”, and “modular building”. But what do they actually mean? A Pre-engineered steel building is basically a building that is made up of steel. Just as the name “Pre-engineered” suggests, these buildings are engineered at a factory and are assembled at site. Built-up sections are […]